Crystal provides comprehensive agricultural solutions right from sowing to harvest, aimed towards the objective of improving sustainability & profitability of farm holdings through continuous investment in research & development while imbibing strong corporate governance values.

To revolutionize the agricultural industry through the promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices. Crystal has introduced quality sprayers to help farmer to get best efficacy of agrochemical spray.

The concept of Crystal Agri Equipment Extension evolved in 2008 after which a gamut of spray pumps called "Crystal Power" was launched. Today Crystal Power is not only limited to the farmers and the agricultural sector but also lends its use to urban India.

People who believe in the Environment Sustainable Lifestyle are spraying their kitchen and floral gardens with the Crystal Power spray pumps which are made up of high-quality material for heavy duty and longevity.

Crystal will introduce Cob type maize harvester one of its kind in the country. This harvester mulches agri residue of maize plant simultaneously thus enriching soil.

Product Portfolio