Crystal is pioneer in introduction of the latest molecules that have revolutionize crop protection. Among the top players in agrochemical industry, crystal’s agrochemical division is engaged in technical manufacturing, formulation, and marketing 70 different agrochemicals in 400 SKUs to boast of. Some of the major brands are Abacin®, Apex 50®, Azotrix® , Bavistin®, Blue Copper®,Dursban®,Furadan®, Missile®, Nutrozen ®,Proclaim®,Talwar Zinc Super 14™, Tilt®.
Crystal has a pan India presence having deep penetration with stocks supplied through 31 distribution centres to its 5000+ distributors. Our products reach more than 30,000 retail outlets across country by dedicated sales force and field level crop advisors’ team that provides customer service and undertakes product promotion.

Product Portfolio