Systemic Balanced Nutrition


  • Nutrozen is a plant derived nutrition, which includes 22 elements - micro and macro elements along with the necessary hormones, vitamins and sea weed extract for better growth and to boost metabolic activity.
  • Nutrozen is a true systemic Plant Biostimulant, imported from ExcelAg, USA. It comes with NIP technology- a proprietary delivery technology.
  • Nutrozen provides balanced nutrition to plant for optimum metabolic activities and enhances immunity against biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Nutrozen increases plant vigour, flowering, fruit retention and yield, leading to better Returns on Investment (ROI).
Recommended dose:
  • Crop

    All Crops

  • Dose ml/acre


  • Time of Application

    Vegetative, flowering, fruiting

  • * For best results, 3 application at the above recommended stage is must.