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Crystal Crop Protection is a 360 - degree farming input solutions company catering to needs of farmers -right from sowing of seeds up to harvest.

The driving force behind Crystal’s meteoric rise over the last four decades is its strong innovation led culture with its long-standing commitment towards research & development.

The company’s success comes from having its ear to the ground, where it engages closely with farmers to understand the challenges faced by them and thereafter offer a range of products and services to address these needs at the

most cost-efficient price points.

Crystals’ Value chain comprises 3 business verticals

Key Highlights

  • Crystal markets its agrochemicals, equipment, and seed under various brands across the length and breadth of India.

  • These brands are available through our robust network of distributors and dealers, developed & managed by our skilled Marketing & Sale Force.

  • Agrochemical division is engaged in technical manufacturing, formulation, and marketing 90 different agrochemicals in 400 SKUs.

  • A pioneer in introduction the latest molecules that have revolutionize crop protection

  • Having pan India presence having deep penetration with stocks supplied through 31 distribution centres to its 5000+ distributors. Our products reach more than 30,000 retail outlets across country.

Crystal’s Agro Chemical at Glance

  • 70+ Brands across segments
  • 500+ Sales & Marketing Team
  • 1000+ Crop Advisors
  • 4 Regional distribution centers
  • 27 Supply distribution centers
  • <30,000 retail partners
  • <5,000 distribution partners