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ESG Journey

ESG journey at Crystal Crop Protect Limited ("Crystal")

We, at Crystal, have been empowering farmers for over four decades through our diverse product portfolio encompassing herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant nutrients and seeds. Crystal has been at the forefront of revolutionizing crop protection with more than 100 brands of agrochemicals through their network of distributors and retailers. We are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to meet the national vision of “Make in India” and provide farmers with best quality and affordable products.

ESG is increasingly recognized as a critical factor for the success and longevity of businesses. For any company, incorporating sustainability into its core values and practices can bring numerous benefits. Integrating ESG considerations into our business strategies is not only the right thing to do but also essential for long-term success and creating shared value for all stakeholders.

Considering the importance of ESG in today’s time, Crystal onboarded an external consultant of high repute to streamline its ESG journey. The role of the consultant was to develop a framework for implementation of ESG at Crystal. The engagement included the following tasks.

  • Undertake Capacity development of ESG core team by Integrating ESG into lives of Crystal’s workforce,

  • Provide actionable recommendation based on gap assessment on ESG specific systems/process, policy and data management.

  • Finalise governance structure for the Company to take decisions on ESG related matters, appointment of ESG point of contact.

  • Strengthening of company policies impacting the environmental, social and governance performance

  • Carry our materiality assessment based on stakeholder consultations and implementation of KPIs across manufacturing locations and corporate offices.

  • Collate and analyse ESG specific data from corporate office and plants.

  • Targets and commitments identified for GHG emission, Safety, Diversity, Suppliers and CSR based on Company’s performance, peers disclosure and stakeholders consultation

  • Disclosure of ESG indicators in the ESG Report FY23 and Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report.

The deliverables and outcomes based on above tasks has helped us in our journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future, reflecting our commitment to environmental management, social responsibility, and ethical business practices.

Way forward

Highlighting our dedication to environmental responsibility, social impact, and strong governance the Company has finalised ESG targets under greenhouse gas emission reduction, water management, safety, diversity and inclusion and corporate social responsibility. Following targets and commitments have been taken with FY2022-23 as base year and further we plan to achieve them by 2027.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% per metric ton in our technical and formulation units respectively.

  • Maintain zero harm across all our manufacturing locations

  • Cover three lakhs beneficiaries under CSR programs

  • Assess 100% Critical Suppliers on Suppliers’ Code of Conduct (CoC) principle

  • Representation of Women in senior positions (4A & above) to be doubled from existing representation

These objectives embody our comprehensive approach to sustainability, encompassing ESG aspects. We stand unwavering in our determination to forge a more sustainable future.

Detailed report can be seen in the link provided below.