Inspired by the noble cause of serving Indian agriculture, Crystal Group is a 34 year old company established by the visionary industrialist Mr. Nand Kishore Aggarwal. Crystal engages in the technical manufacturing, formulation and marketing of agrochemical products - Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators / Micro Nutrients. Under the adept guidance of Mr. Nand Kishore Aggarwal and his 38 years of rich experience, Crystal has evolved as a market leader in the growing agro-chemical industry of India over a period of time.

Crystal had introduced several chemical components that aim at good yields for the farming community. Some of them are Imidacloprid 17.85% introduces under the brand name Confidence 555 in 2002 available at affordable prices. Crystal later launched several eco friendly molecules like Buprofezin 25% SC named as Tribune and Abamectin 1.9% EC launched as Abacin and Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG given the name Missile. With such new products endowed with benefits for farmers had made Crystal a success in the agro-chemical industry.

Our growth story

We have successfully built a R&D based Indian crop protection company


Incorporation of Crystal.

Obtained import registration of Imidacloprid.


Obtained import registration of Emamectin NS and Buprofezin.

Crystal acquired Rohini Seeds


Acquired the LUPHOS brand from Cheminova India Limited.

Obtained import registration of Hexythiazox (technical) and obtained DSIR approval for R&D Centre.


Obtained import registration of Carboxin, Glyphosate, Atrazine.

Acquired Bavistin trademark from BASF SE.


Obtained import registration of Abamectin.

Acquired leasehold rights over MIDC Plot from Cytec India.

Acquired Indian gram sorghum, fodder sorghum and pearl millet seeds business of Syngenta India.

Furadan, Furadan Utra, Affinity Force and Splandour from FMC..


Acquired Proclaim, Tilt and Blue Copper Trade Mark from Syngenta,.

Commercial Production at Nagpur Technical Plant.

Acquired Predator, Dursban and Nurrell-D trade mark from Dow.

  • Over the years we have significantly expanded our business
  • We commenced business as a pesticide formulations manufacturer and registered our first off-patent product Imidacloprid in 2002 followed by other major products like Emamectin and Buprofezin
  • We then diversified into discovering new molecules and mixtures with evolving R&D capabilities
  • We partnered with Everstone Capital in 2011, who brought deep operating capabilities, invaluable relationships in the investment and business community and a track record of building successful businesses in India
  • Through additional acquisitions and import registrations, we have successfully built a leading Indian crop protection company