Topper 77

Glyphosate 71% SG


  • Topper 77 is a non-selective, systemic herbicide of Organophosphorus group, which inhibits EPSP synthesis in weed plant. Due to its non-selective action it kills all types of weeds
  • Topper 77 is absorbed by the weed plants very rapidly and kills the plant from the root with 7-12 days after its application, apart from annual and perennial weeds also kills the aquatic weeds efficiently
  • Topper 77 kills all types of weeds if sprayed in open fields, bunds and water channels
  • Topper 77 does not affect the germination of ensuing crops and any crop can be grown after its application
Recommended dose:
  • Crop

    Tea and non crop

  • Weeds

    Non selective

  • Dose (gm/hectare)


  • Time of Application

    4-8 leaf stage