Talwar Zinc Super-14

Zinc EDTA 12%


  • Talwar Zinc Super-14 is a 100% water soluble micro granulised formulation of chelated technology Zinc. Zinc is one of the most essential micro nutrient for plant
  • Talwar Zinc Super-14 supports the feeder root development and enhances leaf size. It increases both quality and quantity of the produce. The fruit/grain are shiny and of high quality
  • Unlike Zinc Sulphate based fertilisers, it does not react with soil phosphorus and phosphatic fertilisers like DAP, NPK etc., hence no wastage of both DAP and Zinc
  • Talwar Zinc Super-14 can be used with Urea in soil application and in spray can be used with all pesticides
Recommended dose:
  • Crop

    5 to 6-month crop 

    Annual crop

    All crops

  • Use

    Soil Application 

    Soil Application


  • Dose

    1250 gm per hectare

    2.5 Kg per hectare

    1-1.5 gm/Lt water

  • Time of Application

    0-30 days

    0-90 days

    As per requirement