Acquisition of Rohini Seeds in 2012 laid the foundation of seed business for offering Seed to harvest solution to Indian Farmers. Company established its presences with wide variety of hybrid seeds in Cotton, Maize, Rice and Pearl Millet segment.

Seed business was further strengthened with the acquisition of Syngenta's seed business of grain sorghum, fodder in 2018. Acquired seed brands viz. Mahalaxmi {Sorghum) and SX-17 {SSG) are market leaders in their respective categories.

Both the acquisitions i.e., Syngenta's and Bayer's Seed portfolios came with a world class R&D, designed to bring the best hybrids on a continuous basis through its breeding program.

R&D for our seed business is dedicated to creating new hybrids of major crops with improved quality and productivity. This includes improving tolerance to pests and other environmental stresses as well as quality characteristics such as nutritional composition and consumer appeal.

Key Highlights

  • Ginning and thrashing facility for germplasm and breeding line of cotton, and seed treatment packing unit with capacity of 15000 units/day

  • Well-equipped seed testing laboratories

  • Separate dehumidified cold storage facility for germ plasm and breeding lines

  • Modern throughput biotech facility for molecular breeding, transgenic crop production and testing

  • Biotech facilities, ELISA test for testing the presence of Bt. Gene

  • Our Seed R&D is recognized by DSIR. We are having over 60 acres of R&D farms.

  • Insect rearing and leaf bio-assay facilities for assisting biotechnological research To give more strength to its R&D operations

Product Portfolio