Manual sprayers


Both Side Operate Knapsack Sprayer


  • Bigger pressure chamber capacity for quick pressure built up and retention.
  • Left and Right Inter changeable handle and connecting rod.
  • Stainless steel nozzle and Adjustable length of lance for better and easy operation with plastic union.
  • Flexible spray hose made of netted PVC, to withstand under high pressure.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with cushion pads for convenient carrying.


  • Ideal for spraying in every environment.
  • Higher pressure chamber capacity helps pulsation free spray.
  • Supplied with calibrated stainless steel nozzle for effective coverage.
  • No special tool required for repairing and maintenance.
Technical Specification:
  • Model
  • Working Pressure
  • Tank Capacity
  • Minimum Discharge
  • Pressure chamber capacity
  • Gross Weight
  • CP-16D
  • 30-45 PSI
  • 16Ltr.
  • 550ML
  • 900cc
  • 3.4kgs